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Licensing & Pricing

$37 - $149
Untagged WAV
Non Exclusive Rights
Use Limited to 1 Project
Instant Delivery
Untagged WAV + Stems of ALL Versions
Unlimited Distribution
Unlimited Projects
Exclusive Rights Moving Forward
Keep 100% of Royalties


What is JingleMonsters?

JingleMonsters are a group of musicians dedicated to bringing you exclusive audio tracks ready for hassle-free, automated licensing suitable for advertisement, film, or video games.

What file formats do you offer?

All tracks are instantly available in 24bit 48kHz WAV format.

Do you have a Copyright Claim Registration Number for these tracks?

Yes. By default, the CCRM is included in your electronic receipt after purchase. If you require the copyright information before purchase, please contact us.

Do you offer custom re-works (e.g. different lengths) of these tracks?

No. All tracks are as presented, though many tracks have already been broken down into different versions in our store.

Will you create a custom jingle from scratch?

While writing custom jingles is not the focus of JingleMonsters, it never hurts to ask. (insert 'contact us' link here)


JingleMonsters has a collection of exclusive, fully copyrighted tracks ready to be licensed and downloaded instantly for your advertisement, film, or video game needs.
Many songs are available in multiple lengths, arrangements, or performances in order to properly match various audio and video formats, situations, and constraints.